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We understand that air quality is getting worse from time to time, especially for urban dweller. We should do our best to provide a healthy living environment for ourselves and our family members.

Currently we have 3 different packaging of bamboo charcoal home air purifiers. They are all of similar product except that the weight and size are different. For the bigger one, you can place them at any corner of your house, your office, room or car you want. For the smaller one, you can place them even inside your shoe, your drawer, tie it next to your baby chair or place it in front of your pc.

We also sell bamboo charcoal water purifier or filter. There are 10 (ten) pieces of bamboo charcoal in each package. You can drop 1 piece of bamboo inside your water and leave it overnight before consuming it. This allows the bamboo charcoal to absorb the heavy metal, remove the residue chlorine and chlorides in the water.

For us, bamboo charcoal is the minimal and basic health care product that every household should have. It is affordable and eco-friendly.

We strive to keep our customers happy with our products and services all the time because we are looking for long term business relationship with all our customers.

If you wish to contact us for any questions or bulk purchase (30 and above), kindly email us at info@charcoalhomeairpurifiers.com.

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