Air Purifier for Pet Dander

Allergic to Pet Dander? Go for Bamboo Charcoal Home Air Purifiers

Allergic reactions to pets are not caused by pet hair, as is so often thought, but rather by pet dander, loose dead skin that the animal sheds along with the fur.  Pet dander is invisible to the naked eye, but its presence can be felt by those with allergies; it can create symptoms ranging from sneezing and watery eyes to lack of breath and hives.  Simple confining your pet to a few areas of the home isn’t enough as the pet dander can cling to anything and be moved through the house on currents of air.  Constant grooming will not help either and can make your pet have irritated skin which will actually lead to more pet dander, not less.  Pet dander is an irritant, but most people want to have a pet anyway and need a way to handle the dander successfully.

A home air purifier is found to be the best way to handle pet dander so that allergic owners can stand their best furry friend.  Most home air purifiers deal with pet dander by attracting the bits of skin to a filter that has to be cleaned later.  The most common filters used for this purpose are ion or anion air purifiers.  Although these purifiers are useful, they might not be entirely appropriate for your specific circumstances; you might be too sensitive to the dander to clean the filter or the air purifier might be too expensive or bulky to use.  Furthermore, if the filter isn’t cleaned regularly or the air purifier is an older model, you may find that the pent dander floats free again after a bit and goes back to being an irritant.  They are also not the most environmentally friendly air purifier on the market now.

A natural home air purifier that is also highly effective is also one that you may not have heard of before because they aren’t as common on the market as the ion or anion ones.  But a bamboo charcoal home air purifier could be just what you need in order to live peacefully with your pet.  It gets rid of everything from pet dander to foul smells in your home and does so in a long lasting way.  Unlike other air purifiers that have to be plugged in to work; this one requires no plugs, no power source and is safe to use around pets and children since it’s simply a bag with the charcoal inside.  It is small, extremely affordable, and highly effective and can be placed anywhere in the home.  The purifier works by filtering the air around it, trapping dander and other bits of dust and dirt inside the pore of charcoal itself where it stays until the charcoal can be refreshed by placing it under sunshine for around three hours.

Bamboo charcoal home air purifiers can help you to have a pet again.  It’s completely safe to use and works very well at getting rid of pet dander.  Enjoy your furry friends again!

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