Air Purifiers and Expenses

Air Purifiers and Expenses

For many people, an air purifier is a luxury item; it sounds like something that is very expensive, both in terms of the initial purchase and in terms of utility bills, especially if it runs off of electricity. Other air purifiers are expensive because they don’t work that well, so they keep having to be replaced. All in all, it means that many people go without an air purifier, even if they need one. How can you cut the expenses of an air purifier while still owning one?

First, understand that not all air purifiers are created equal. Many people confuse air purifier with something that blows out a scent on a regular basis. Although this will cut down on bad odors, it won’t actually do anything to get rid of the root problem, so the bad smell will just come right back, forcing you to keep using your purifier. Even ‘real’ air purifiers are not created equal; some only work for a short time while others only work in a very limited space or cannot absorb all of the bad air properly. The best ones tend to be very expensive, not only in the initial purchase, but also because they chew up electricity and/or space in the home.

Second, it’s not enough to simply open a window anymore and hope for the best. Many towns and cities have very poor air quality nowadays and you can end up making your home smell worse than before instead of better! Not only that, but air purifiers are also helpful in dealing with pet allergies and with asthma problems, so you need something artificial to help make a home more liveable. Many air purifiers only address parts of the other problems that they should and this means that even if they do have features such as cleaning out pet dander, they need to be cleaned regularly, which takes away the point of having the purifier get rid of the dander in the first place if you just have to run into it (and in greater concentrations) at a later date.

So, how can you get an air purifier that won’t cost you a lot in money or space and be effective? You can go with a bamboo charcoal air purifier! A bamboo charcoal air purifier is cheap, at about $7.00 per purifier, small enough to be tucked into any old corner, and is renewable; all you have to do is put out in the sunshine for a day every few months and it gets cleaned up. Bamboo charcoal absorbs bad air and releases good air, cuts down on pet dander and naturally aids those with breathing problems. Buying several of these is still far cheaper than buying one large air purifier and they are more effective too. Finally, they are a completely Green option and after the stone’s ability to absorb bad air has been exhausted, you still have a pretty pouch and stone which can be used for an ornament.

All in all, if you are looking for something economic, effective, and environmentally friendly, you should look into a bamboo charcoal air purifier.

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