Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier for Lockers

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier for Lockers

There are places outside the home which could still use the help of a good home air purifier.  The car is one place as is the ‘stinky’ locker you may have in places like schools or at the gym.  Lockers are sources of bad air because of the sweaty, grubby clothing and bags that get stored in them.  Fabrics store odor and bacteria easily and then the bacteria lingers around the clothing and the air, making for smelly air and clothing that after a while, never seems to get quite clean.

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You can’t exactly put a full  blown purifier in your locker though; most people use sprays or baking soda to deodorize, but there’s another method that won’t cause problem for people with allergies or create a breeding ground for spills!  If you are worried about a stinky locker, you should try a bamboo charcoal air purifier to get rid of the problem.  Why is this method so much better than the conventional ones used?

Bamboo charcoal is almost perfect for lockers.  The small rock works best in smaller spaces to draw impurities out of the air and store them in the pores found in the rock.  The charcoal then releases clean air along with negative ions which can promote relaxation and mental well being.  Bamboo charcoal is also kept in small, colorful pouches that are easy to keep in any corner of a locker and will work to get rid of odors and bacteria accumulated from exercising hard.  You can even put charcoal right in your shoes or in your locker bag to kill odors right at the source.

The only maintenance which is required is to put the charcoal in bright sunlight for a few hours about once a month or so and then it’s good for about a year before needing to be replaced entirely.  Bamboo charcoal is also far more affordable than any other kind of air purifier, costing under fifteen dollars for a pouch and a chunk and it’s far more eco-friendly and people friendly than sprays.  Finally, it’s a tidy way to deodorize your locker; no worries about spills or allergies!

Exercise is great; the chance to lose weight, socialize with others, and feel better about yourself is great.  But the odor that comes with working hard is not so great and it tends to linger and mount up!  Using bamboo charcoal in your locker is a good way to stop the smell and bacteria in its tracks safely, in a 100% environmentally secure way, and in a highly affordable manner.  Put it all together and you have a deodorizing system that’s a lot nicer than anything else on the market.