Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier for the Car

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier for the Car

Cars are a great invention for most people.  They let people get from point A to point B to point Z with greater ease and larger vehicles make things like shopping and moving a little easier to deal with.  Many people enjoy road-tripping and traveling to their vacation spots under their own power.  However, a car is an enclosed area and after a while, they can get smelly!  Odour lingers in the fabric of the seats, in the air you breathe and bad air can come in from gas stations, passing pulp mills or from going through farmlands.  And that’s excluding… human… odour.  In order to have a fully enjoyable ride, it’s important to have a way to purify the air you breathe so don’t spend parts of the trip holding your nose.

The conventional way of deodorizing your car is to use the ‘hanging tree’; the pine tree deodorizers that usually come with a car wash.  However, these aren’t the only way to purify the air in your car and they also may not necessarily be the best way to do it.  Another good way to purify the air in your car is to bring an eco-friendly home air purifier from the house to the car: bamboo charcoal home air purifiers to be precise.

Bamboo charcoal draws impurities from the air around it and stores them in the pores found in the rock.  It then releases cleaner air and negative ions which promote relaxation; something that is without a doubt needed when the road jams start!  It can be recharged between road trips by putting it under bright sunlight for a few hours and is good for up to about a year before being replaced altogether.

There are other advantages to bamboo charcoal air purifiers in the car though.  They are small enough to fit anywhere in the car without blocking vision, they can be used under seats with ease or stored with your luggage and they are completely safe to use around pets and children.  The small pouches are easy to put anywhere where odour tends to linger and they work quickly to rid the air of bad odour and pollutants and release clean air to breathe.

Cars are a necessary part of modern life, but unfortunately, they have their own problems.  Some problems you can’t do much about like the high price of gas and breakdowns, but things like bad odour you can deal with efficiently, affordably and effectively.  Moving a bamboo charcoal home air purifier from the house to the car could be the perfect way to get rid of bad odour, pollutants, and other things in the air that make it difficult to fully enjoy any drive.  They are perfectly compact to fit in any car discreetly, are safe to use around anyone and are more effective than the pine trees.  So if you want to get rid of odour in your car, give bamboo charcoal a try and see how well it can work for you.

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