Bamboo Charcoal and Your Children

If you have children, having a safe way to purify the air they breathe is particularly important.  Instances of asthma are on the rise, SIDs can be sometimes be attributed to bad air, and smelly air can make it difficult for children to go to sleep at night.  But many home air purifiers can be problematic as well; toddlers fiddle with them, they may keep young children awake at night, and they take up space that could be used for other things.  Balancing the need for cleaner air against finding a purifier that is safe to use around children can be difficult.

If this sounds like a conundrum in your home, consider the benefits of using bamboo charcoal instead of the conventional home air purifiers.  Bamboo charcoal works by drawing impure air into the charcoal and storing it in the pores.  The charcoal then releases clean air as well as negative ions which promote relaxation.  The cleaner air help children sleep better and helps to prevent respiratory problems in the future.  You can get rid of smog, dust, cigarette smoke and other air impurities that are found commonly in and around the home before they reach your children.

Bamboo charcoal is a better alternative to other home air purifiers for other reasons too.  They are far smaller and can be placed more precisely where bad air is, such as near windows or in the closet.  They are safe to use around infants and toddlers and when the child is older, the small colourful pouches fit with any room decor your child has set up for him or herself.  They are highly affordable and when properly maintained, the charcoal can be used for up to a year before you need to replace it.  Simply place the charcoal in bright sunlight for a few hours about once every month or so and the charcoal will release stored impurities and be good to go again.  They are also very eco-friendly; you don’t need to use any electricity to run it and they are bio-degradable.

It’s very important to have clean air for your children to breathe, particularly with so many pollutants in the air.  If you live in the city, it is even more important as the city is full of pollution that gets into children’s lungs and can cause sickness.  But even those living out in the country can do with fresher, cleaner air.  If you want to protect your children from unhealthy air without taking up a ton of space, money and energy, then bamboo charcoal home air purifiers could be perfect for your family.

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