Bamboo Charcoal In Food

Bamboo Charcoal To Make Tea and Bread

Bamboo charcoal is used in all manner of things; it can be found as an air and water purifier, used in medicine and in soap.  But it also has a history of being used in food!  In the east, it’s actually a well used ingredient for baking and cooking, though in the west, it’s widely unknown to many people.

Bamboo charcoal features most predominately in tea and in bread.  It may sound unappetizing, but bamboo charcoal bread is reputed to be very light, sweet tasting and stays fresher longer than bread made the conventional way.  Bread made with bamboo charcoal retains all of the toxin cleaning properties of bamboo charcoal too so you get a healthy snack every time you eat it.  If you are going to make bamboo charcoal bread, make sure to grind up the charcoal very fine because it doesn’t dissolve meaning that you’ll get a gritty texture if you’re not very careful to grind everything up finely.  You can use a spice grinder or coffee grinder to do the bulk of the work and then finish it up with the old fashioned mortar and pestle to be sure.

Bamboo charcoal can also be used to cook rice and to purify tea water.  Using it in the water of these things purifies the water and adds minerals to the tea and rice while maintaining the freshest flavor for both.  It can also be used in the cooking of fish and meat to add a sweeter taste and a far healthier alternative to salt.  Bamboo charcoal can also be used in the frying of foods; it cleans up the cooking oil and brings out the flavor of the food, not the oil, making for tastier and healthier fried foods.

In a world where our food is exposed to so many toxins, pesticides, and other noxious chemicals, bamboo charcoal becomes a necessary feature for cooking if you want to provide clean, good tasting food with a healthy punch.  Bamboo charcoal will take the toxins right out of the water you cook with or the food you eat and leave it tasting great and no longer causing unknown damage to your body.  There is very little it can’t be added to for meals and it can be baked with as well for healthier treats that certainly don’t taste like healthy deserts!

If you want to provide healthy, flavorful food to your family and yourself, then having some bamboo charcoal on hand is an excellent way to reach that goal.  Buy some today!  You’ll fall in love with it and wonder how you ever got by without it before.

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