Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Bamboo charcoal soap is an all natural soap which uses a combination of bamboo charcoal and bamboo.  Bamboo charcoal soap only occupies a niche market right now, but as more people realize its use, it will spread until it becomes more commonplace.  Bamboo charcoal soap is generally black or black and white, since dyes aren’t used in its make; and keep in mind that the ash in the soap may stain your washcloths black or grey too, so be sure to either use a specific one for the soap or one that you don’t mind turning black.

Uses for Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Bamboo charcoal soap is a natural disinfectant and cleansers.  It also works very well for clearing blemishes and dead skin cells in the skin and for moisturizing skin, especially winter skin when it’s most difficult to moisturize your skin.  Bamboo charcoal soap has plenty of essential oils which helps to strengthen your skin and make it look firmer and cleaner naturally without the effects of chemicals and dyes.  The soap is handmade and is a ‘green’ choice; it decomposes into water and carbon dioxide within a day of being washed down the drain, so you’ll be doing less damage to the environment then the store bought soap.  Bamboo charcoal also makes for a beautiful dark lather that is the equivalent of a mini-spa mud bath right in your own home.  Bamboo charcoal soap is best used for normal to oily skin.

Storing Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Bamboo charcoal soap should be stored in a dry place away from moisture once it’s no longer being used.  This keeps the soap fresh longer and allows it to retain its scent until the very end.  You can use a shallow dish to put it in when you’re finished with it.

Suitable Users

Bamboo charcoal is best used for young adults or adults.  Children and infants may have a sensitivity to the materials in the soap and pregnant women can have a reaction to the essential oils that may be damaging, so consult with your doctor before using it or avoid it altogether.  Bamboo charcoal soap is most suitable for people with normal and oily skin, but it also works very well on winter dry skin.

Bamboo charcoal soap is a great way to take care of your skin in a green manner and bring something unique to your bathroom in the process.  You can find bamboo charcoal soap online and in a select few stores that cater to healthier products.

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