Best Air Purifier for the Office

Office is the Place where Air Purifier is Most Needed

An office environment is one of the best placers for an air purifier because the air tends to be a lot staler in an office environment and there are a lot of people, meaning that odors build up quickly.  Having an air purifier makes an office environment a lot more bearable.  However, it’s important to choose an air purifier that is both safe to use in the office, is able to be used in the office and is effective.  This cuts down your options quite a bit.

Most people in an office environment opt for an anion air purifier which is portable and can be tucked anywhere.  However, these can be expensive and are far from a green option.  You may also find that you don’t have enough room for them, regardless of their small size, if your office is small and you don’t have a lot of space (or if you just have a very cluttered area).  For these reasons, you may want to consider an alternative air purifier, but many of the really small purifiers may seem completely useless for your needs.

If you want an eco-friendly air purifier that is small enough to be put anywhere in your office, then the best air purifier to look at is the bamboo charcoal air purifying system.  A bamboo charcoal air purifying system is a natural office air purifier, but they come in small, colorful bags instead of a metallic system.  These small air purifiers can go in any convenient place in your office, such as a corner or under your desk since they don’t need to be plugged in.  The other great thing about a bamboo charcoal air purifier is that since they don’t do anything but clean the air, you won’t have to worry about someone having an allergy to it or having other difficulties, so it will be welcome in any work environment.

Put a bamboo charcoal air purifier anywhere in your office where bad odors and stale air tend to linger, such as near a garbage can, near heavily trafficked areas and even in your shoes and jacket.  There will be a steady and noticeable difference in the air you breathe which in turn will make you work better and be healthier in the office, something which most workers want to do, but have a hard time doing.  They are very good at filtering the air and only need to be recharged every couple of months using sunlight for a few hours.

The final important thing is that bamboo charcoal air purifiers are very cheap, so buying a few won’t be a burden at all on your wallet.

Put all of this together, and you’ll see that the best air purifier for the office is not the traditional anion or ion air purifier, but rather an all natural bamboo charcoal air purifier.  They are effective, very portable, and very affordable.  They can’t possibly offend anyone and they are a completely green option for your office.  Once you try one, you’ll wonder what you ever saw in any of the other office air purifiers you’ve been spending your money on.

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