Cleaning the Air You Breathe… Naturally!

Cleaning the Air You Breathe… Naturally!

There are a lot of things in the air we breathe that can be damaging to our lungs.  Whether it is pollution, pet hair, cigarette smoke, black mold spores or a plethora of other things, air quality and maintaining a high level of it is becoming more and more important to people.  This is especially important in light of the fact that lung problems like asthma are on the rise and can be partially prevented with cleaner air.  Unfortunately, it can be equally hard to find home air purifiers that actually work and aren’t too expensive.

The solution is available though and perhaps not in a form you’d expect.  Charcoal air purifiers are the ideal home air purifier.  Charcoal air purifiers are from bamboo charcoal that is placed in a colourful pouch and is small enough to go anywhere in the house.  But how can a small chunk of charcoal clean your air?

Bamboo charcoal has some interesting properties.  The pockets in it store and purify air and then release it and absorb air that is impure.  The air that is released can also humidify or dehumidify the air around it by absorbing or releasing moisture as needed.  Finally, bamboo charcoal releases negative ions which has been shown to promote relaxation and relieve stress-something which many people can use in their lives!  In order to keep the charcoal working well though, you have to ‘recharge’ it under bright sunlight for a few hours once a month; this disperses any bad air lingering in the pores and lets the charcoal go back to its absorption and release cycle.

Using bamboo charcoal for home air purifiers is easy.  Put the small pouch of charcoal anywhere in the house where bad air lingers, such as closets, near open windows, room corners, near cat litter boxes, and then let them do their work!  Recharge the charcoal in bright sunshine about once a month for a couple of hours and then use it again!  Bamboo charcoal is good for about one year before it runs out of strength.  But don’t worry; this style of air purifier is so cheap that it’s easy to replace!  Unlike conventional air purifiers, a pouch of bamboo charcoal costs only $11.90 for a 200mg pouch which is the largest offered!  You can also get a pair of 80g pouches for $9.90 or a 50mg one for $5.90.  You will not find a better or easier way to clean your air!

If you, like so many other people, are concerned about the air quality in your home, then it’s important to get home air purifiers you can trust and use safely.  Bamboo charcoal is the best and easiest way to clean the air you breathe.  It’s safe to use around anybody and anything, small enough to be discreet, completely silent, requires little maintenance and is incredibly affordable.  Cleaning your air and bringing some peace back to your chaotic life couldn’t get much better or simpler than a bamboo charcoal air purifier.  Try one for yourself to see the difference.