Filtering Water with Bamboo Charcoal Water Purifiers

Bamboo Charcoal Water Purifiers and Filters

Although best known as an home air purifiers, when it is known about at all, bamboo charcoal can serve other purposes as well.  The other best use for this all natural filter is as a water purifier and filter for bottled or tap water.  Using bamboo charcoal water purifiers and filter not only has the benefits of an air filter, but some additional ones too which makes your water better quality.  If you want better tasting and healthier water, then you should try a bamboo charcoal water purifier and filter.

The reason why bamboo charcoal works so well as a water purifier and filter is twofold.  First of all, the charcoal is porous and stores activated carbon which absorbs impurities far better than most artificial materials used to do the same thing.  The porous nature of the charcoal allows it to store all of these impurities without affecting the nature of the water.  Bamboo charcoal is best used with bottled water because it enhances the taste and adds the ‘fizz’ that tells you that the water has been cleaned and mineralized.  However, it also works well with tap water to clean out the impurities that you get from cleaning the water.  Once you’re done with it, all you have to do is put the charcoal into your water for around six hours or use a bamboo charcoal filter in place of a regular water filter.  Once you’re done filtering your water, you can reuse the bamboo charcoal by placing it out in direct sunlight for three hours so that it can shed its impurities.  Then the charcoal can be used all over again for up to a year in this fashion.  Bamboo charcoal water purifiers are completely natural and eco-friendly.

Bamboo charcoal in water has some benefits for water as well.  Bamboo charcoal has minerals like calcium stored in the pores and as the water passes through the charcoal, it picks up the calcium and deposits things like chlorine in the calcium, and other mineral’s, place.  The deposit of minerals turns any water into refreshing mineral water that gives your body the minerals it needs without you having to spend a lot of money for things like vitamin supplements or expensive mineral/vitamin water.  Instead, you can create the mineral water right in your own home.  Mineral water made in this fashion also tastes better; your kids will prefer it and it’s been found to be superior water for use in tea, especially Chinese tea since Chinese tea brewers have used bamboo charcoal for the water for centuries.

If you want fresh mineral water, then getting a bamboo charcoal water purifier and filter is the best and cheapest way to do it.  The charcoal will provide your family with cleaner, healthier and better tasting water and the filter is renewable for up to a year, so you won’t have to keep replacing it.  When you want clean mineral water, then you will want a bamboo charcoal water filter to provide it for you.

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