How to Get Rid of the Nasty Odor in Your Shoes- Foot Odor

Bamboo Charcoal The Solution to Foot Odor

Foot odor is a cause of embarrassment for most people and worse still, the odor leaves feet, goes for the shoes and then spreads throughout a room, if the shoes are worn enough.  A nasty smelling shoe causes discomfort for everyone within smelling range, not to mention the owner.  It can also be very difficult to get rid of and often people resort to expensive powders and sprays which only mask the smell, not necessarily get rid of it.  Many people spend a lot of money on these chemical laden sprays and powders, not knowing that there’s an eco-friendly, effective way to deal with it on the market right now.

Bamboo charcoal has a six hundred year proven track record of being able to purify air.  From its use in the 1400s in China as a purifier to its use in gas masks in World War 1 to fend off poisonous gas, bamboo charcoal has proven itself again and again to be a superior air purifier while still being pure and eco-friendly.  The porous nature of the charcoal is the thing to thank when it comes to its ability to absorb impurities; that and the activated carbon which is found in the charcoal that can absorb bad odors and chemicals and release fresher air.  These air purifiers are generally used in a room, but they can also be used to get rid of the odor in your shoes.

You can purchase bamboo charcoal air purifiers in tiny pouches that can fit right in your shoes.  They come in pairs just right for this purpose.  When you’re not wearing your shoes, place the pouches inside your shoes to freshen them up and the air around them.  When you’re wearing them, you can put the pouches anywhere on you to carry them; they’re extremely compact and portable.  They are also very, very affordable, far cheaper than those powders and sprays you’ve been investing your hopes in.  Finally, since they are made of just pure materials, you’re less likely to have an allergic reaction to them; people with sensitive skin will find it a lot easier to use bamboo charcoal than the sprays and powders.

A problem with foot odor is embarrasing, but it can be solved with minimal fuss and without spending a lot of money.  Bamboo charcoal home air purifiers are effective, cheap, and you can slide them right into your shoes to tackle the odor problem right at the source, and thus freshen up the air quickly all around the shoes too.  The bamboo charcoal can also be refreshed by putting it out in the sunshine for a few hours every 1-2 months and they lasts up to a year, so that you won’t have to keep buying them, no matter how terrible your shoes smell.  If you want an eco-friendly and effective way to manage your foot odor without paying a lot of money for it, then you should purchase some bamboo charcoal home air purifiers for your shoes and smell the difference for yourself.

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