Healthy Living with Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal can make your life all around healthier in many different aspects.  It is used for filtering the air you breathe in your home and for filtering out impurities in your water while adding minerals like calcium and potassium.  However, bamboo charcoal can be used in far more ways than just cleaning the air you breathe and the water you drink.  In fact, with a bit of creative thinking, you can use your charcoal to do all kinds of things, or buy products made from charcoal.

Cleaning out your Shoes

Bamboo charcoal can be used to get rid of odor in your shoes and socks.  It does this by filtering out the air going through the socks, as well as the moisture, and thus cleaning up the smell.  This means that your shoes are a healthier environment for your feet.

Bamboo Charcoal in Food and Drink

Bamboo charcoal can be used in medicine and as a vitamin supplement.  It has the ability to absorb gases and toxins from your stomach, cutting down on instances of gas and diarrhea.  By this token, many claim that it is also useful for getting rid of colic in babies, for it is completely safe to use and gets rid of excess gas that causes discomfort.  It can also be used as a vitamin supplement because it is high in calcium and potassium, magnesium and sodium; many of these are minerals that are hard to get in a diet, but are needed.

Bamboo Charcoal and Relaxation

Bamboo charcoal emits oxygen and negative ions just by sitting in a room.  These things are proven to promote a more relaxing environment for both people and animals.  The negative ions also counter some of the damaging electromagnetic waves from things like televisions and stereos, making your health a little better even if you spend a lot of time around electronics.

Bamboo Charcoal for Hygiene

Bamboo charcoal is used in a few all natural hygiene products like soap and cleansers.  Bamboo charcoal can be used to turn a simple face wash into a mud facial or simply to draw out the gunk in your skin.  Although the water may turn a bit black, don’t let the appearance throw you off; the charcoal is actually very good for your skin.

Air and Water

And of course, bamboo charcoal is very good for filtering air and water and purifying both of them.  The charcoal draws out and stores impurities and pollutants and releases clean air and clean water infused with healthy minerals.  Bamboo charcoal used in this manner can be recharged beneath direct sunlight every few months in order to make it last about a year before having to be replaced altogether.

So, as you can see, bamboo charcoal has a well deserved reputation for being a miracle product.  There are so many places that it can be used and so many ways that it can make your life and your health better than it was before.  And it’s an entirely eco friendly, highly affordable way to do it.

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