Bamboo Charcoal Home Air Purifier for Asthma

Bamboo Charcoal Home Air Purifier for Asthma

Asthma is caused by a number of factors, many to do with the quality of air being breathed.  It’s due to sensitivity in the lungs which reacts more poorly to irritants and allergens in the air than those who do not have this sensitivity.  Around three hundred million in the world have asthma and its rate is on the rise; many believe that this is due to the sheer number of pollutants that are being pumped into the air every day.

Regardless of the reason though, it is true that asthma attacks are brought on by allergens in the air such as grass, pollen and animal dander.  These allergens are easily brought in the home where they can build up and cause an asthma attack, no matter how careful you are.  In order to mitigate this possibility, many people purchase air purifiers and filters to get rid of the particles, but they are not always effective and they can be expensive.  Instead of trying these air filters, try a bamboo charcoal home air purifier to help your asthma.

Bamboo charcoal uses activated charcoal which attracts particles in the air such as pollen and dander and holds it inside the charcoal until it can be refreshed in the sun.  Bamboo charcoal can filter out things like pollen, mould, pet dander, and other irritants and allergens; even pollution such as tobacco smoke can be filtered safely out of the air and stored.  It is very effective in this sense, but it is also ideal for asthma sufferers for other reasons as well.  First, it humidifies or dehumidifies the air around it by releasing stored water particles.  This makes the air more comfortable to breathe and thus cuts down on the rate of asthma attacks.  Secondly, because the bamboo charcoal air purifier does not emit any sort of perfumes or chemicals (or anything at all other than water and oxygen), you don’t have to worry about risking an asthma attack from the thing that’s supposed to help you, especially if you are very sensitive in the first place.

The pouches of bamboo charcoal can be placed anywhere in the house where the pollens and irritants can get in, such as near windows and near heavily trafficked areas such as doors from the outside and living rooms.  However, another place that you may not think of that will help deal with asthma attacks, especially the night ones, is right in your bed, such as under your billow or at the end of your bed.  This way, you’ll breathe better and have a better sleep too.

Bamboo charcoal cannot replace medication or a puffer in case of a bad asthma attack, but it can to prevent them in the first place by filtering out the pollen and other irritants, including pollution, and releasing clean air without the use of chemicals and perfumes.  If you, or someone in your family has difficult with asthma, then you should try a bamboo charcoal home air purifiers to help deal with the asthma attacks before they can start.  Everyone will be able to breathe far easier for it.

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