Home Air Purifiers for Pollen and Dust Allergies

Bamboo Charcoal Home Air Purifiers- Solution to Pollen and Dust Allergies

One of the most general uses for home air purifiers is to take care of pollen and dust allergens which accumulate in the home, especially during the spring or any renovations/major cleaning/moving.  Pollen and other dust allergens cause a lot of grief for people; anything from watery eyes and sneezing to difficulty breathing and no matter what, you are very miserable.  Investing in a good home air purifier is therefore a necessary venture in order to retain your sanity year round, not to mention your health and well being.

No just any home air purifier may do for you though; many people want a natural home air purifier in order to stay eco-friendly and because these natural home air purifiers have next to no by products and are just as effective as the mechanical air purifier.  Finding one that will be effective and not overly expensive is the tricky part though; a lot of people think that they can’t afford a natural home air purifier and so go for the more traditional air purifiers instead.  If you’re looking for an affordable natural home air purifier that will take care of pollen and dust allergies for you, then you should try bamboo charcoal air purifiers.

The porous nature of bamboo charcoal allows it to naturally filter pollutants and pollen out of the air in a room.  This filtration is very effective without using a lot of gadgets or using harmful or potentially harmful chemicals to get the job done.  The bamboo charcoal takes advantage of activated carbon which is an all natural cleaner and deodorizer to freshen up your air without adding anything else to the air you breathe and it does it quickly.  Filtration is ongoing and the extraordinary micro-structure of bamboo charcoal produces high absorptive capacity that helps to retain the pollutants and pollen. You’ll only have to rotate your charcoal every couple of months before being naturally renewed by the sunlight.

When you use a natural home air purifier like a bamboo charcoal air purifier, you are not only doing something that is eco-friendly, but also health friendly.  A lot of other air purifiers either don’t hold onto dust and pollen for as long (or don’t get it all) or they rely on using things like ozone to cleanse an area, which is harmful to your health.  Still others mask any smells instead of actually cleaning the air, which means you may run the risk of an allergic reaction to whatever is used in them, as well as to the pollen and dust that’s floating around.  A natural home air purifier like bamboo charcoal doesn’t release anything other than air and it even adjusts to the humidity so that the air it releases is comfortable.

Bamboo charcoal air purifiers make for great home air purifiers for pollen and dust allergies.  They don’t release anything that could cause other allergies, they are very portable and affordable and they are very effective.  On top of that, they are all natural; something which many people are striving for nowadays.  Put it all together and you have a home air purifier which does everything you need for a very affordable price.

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