Bamboo Charcoal Home Air Purifier – 200g

Bamboo Charcoal Home Air Purifier - 200g

Size - 170mmx150mmx50mm
Weight - 200g per pack

Description - Bamboo charcoal home air purifiers contains natural mineral substance; its natural dense holes have the functions of absorption and decomposition, and also effectively get rid of the harmful gas such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, purify air, improve household ambient. Its functions of bi-directional adjustment of humidity giving the room the optimum humidity; meanwhile, the bamboo charcoal can increase anion quantity in the air, build a living space that beneficial to your body and mind. This is the most basic investment for the health of your family.

Place to put - You can place the bamboo charcoal home air purifiers at any corner of your house. Most people would choose to place it at places like your dining area, living room, study room, bed room, shoe cabinet, closet, toilet and refrigerator. You can also place it in your car.

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