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Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier for Lockers

There are places outside the home which could still use the help of a good home air purifier. The car is one place as is the ‘stinky’ locker you may have in places like schools or at the gym. Lockers are sources of bad air because of the sweaty, grubby clothing and bags that get stored in them. Fabrics store odor and bacteria easily and then the bacteria lingers around the clothing and the air, making for smelly air and clothing that after a while, never seems to get quite clean.

Bamboo Charcoal and Your Children

If you have children, having a safe way to purify the air they breathe is particularly important. Instances of asthma are on the rise, SIDs can be sometimes be attributed to bad air, and smelly air can make it difficult for children to go to sleep at night. But many home air purifiers can be problematic as well; toddlers fiddle with them, they may keep young children awake at night, and they take up space that could be used for other things.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier for the Car

Moving a bamboo charcoal home air purifier from the house to the car could be the perfect way to get rid of bad odour, pollutants, and other things in the air that make it difficult to fully enjoy any drive. They are perfectly compact to fit in any car discreetly, are safe to use around anyone and are more effective than the pine trees.

Cleaning the Air You Breathe… Naturally!

Using bamboo charcoal for home air purifiers is easy. Put the small pouch of charcoal anywhere in the house where bad air lingers, such as closets, near open windows, room corners, near cat litter boxes, and then let them do their work!

Bamboo Charcoal Air Humidifiers / Dehumidifiers

Bamboo charcoal air purifying systems are not only good for cleaning the air of pollutants, irritants and other problems, but are also good for adding or taking moisture out of the air as needed.

Time for Clean Air and Clean Water From Bamboo Charcoal Purifier

Do you want something inexpensive, green, and effective? Try a bamboo charcoal air purifier instead of all of the expensive things you’ve been using! A bamboo charcoal air purifier works by capturing the bad air near a window or in a small room and storing it in the pores that are found naturally in the stone.

Get Rid of Closet Odors with Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier

Bamboo charcoal has gained a high reputation for being able to clean air and get rid of bad odors. Bamboo charcoal works to get rid of bad odors by absorbing bad air and storing it in the pores of the stone while releasing clean air. The bad air is then locked into the stone and when the stone is refreshed in bright sunshine, it is released harmlessly back outside.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier and Bad Odor in Clothing

Bamboo charcoal air purifier can get rid of the bad odors of clothing. They can be put in closets, lockers and in laundry hampers; anywhere where stinky clothing will sit and make the smell permeate through an area. Bamboo charcoal works by absorbing the air with the bad odor particles and locking them into the pores in the charcoal.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers and Air Quality

A bamboo charcoal air purifier is the best way to improve the air quality in your home and create a haven away from the pollution and filth. It is so necessary to have a place with clean air for your family in order to cut down on disease and breathing problems and let you breathe easy again.

Air Purifiers and Expenses

For many people, an air purifier is a luxury item; it sounds like something that is very expensive, both in terms of the initial purchase and in terms of utility bills, especially if it runs off of electricity.